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Selling Guides


Selling Procedure & Costs Born by Sellers


Assess your property value offering CMA and price it properly.

Sign listing contract with you and collect documents about your property.

Offer suggestions of staging your property or making a better look of your property.

Take professional photos and/or virtual tours of your property.

List your property at MLS and marketing your property by facebook,QQ Space,Netlog

and other social medias.

Show your property to clients and do open house if agreed.

Provide market info and offers to you in time and negotiate the best possible price for you.

Cooperate in inspection and mortgage appraisal.

Send all documentations to your lawyer.

Forward your keys to the buyer.


Costs Born by Sellers

  •  Lawyer or Notary Fees and Expenses:
  • – attending to execution documents. –
  • Costs of clearing title, including: -.
  • – discharge fees charged by
  • – encumbrance holders,
  •  – prepayment penalties
  • Real Estate Commission.and its GST