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Young Families Attracted to White Rock

Young Families Attracted to White Rock

Developers are getting excited over the latest reviews going on in the council’s official community plan, where the waterfront city is gearing up to welcome many young families and building for its future. A number of well-known developers have already been busy in the region building towers and smaller projects but all agree that boosting density, housing options and building communities for the future is at the front of its to-do lists.

The nature of the community is changing; it may not be as evident yet but in a few years the increase of young families moving into White Rock will become more prevalent and noticeable as time goes on.

White Rock has had a reputation for being a community for people to retire and unwind in the twilight of their years, only now the demographics are beginning to show a change in pattern. There has already been an increase in the number of families moving into the White Rock district and directors at the planning and development departments for White Rock have approved some 13 amendments to the OC plan since it was implemented in 2008.

What the project hopes to oversee and look at here is the plan to best accommodate future growth. An initial report is due any time now which will guide any development reviews until a new OCP is put in place at a later date.

There are a number of significant key points and changes we have seen going forward in White Rock and these include:

  • Increased development – Developers are building a lot more here at present than we’ve seen at any time in the past
  • Development is on a much larger scale
  • Properties tend to be towers and blocks of apartments, as opposed to just one townhouse here and one family home there.
  • The developers are the big guns – developers would not show interest in White Rock if they thought the future involved just a few houses here and the odd apartment block there. These guys are major players in the development and building sector, so its involvement in these new projects must mean a radical change in the future of White Rock and how it plans to cope with the influx of young families.

Townhouses and low-rise family properties still dominate the shift in development in White Rock for the time being. Those who already live in White Rock and South Surrey and are nearing retirement age, are always on the look for waterfront properties which are smaller than the homes they currently live in.

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