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Why White Rock Rail Line Must Be Relocated

Why White Rock Rail Line Must Be Relocated

The people of White Rock recently got a much clearer picture of the future of the rail line that is located so close to the waterline. The city is bidding to relocate the railway line and experts are all agreeing that the rail operator running the line, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, must not in any way lose money over the relocation. However, it has demanded it doesn’t make any money over the relocation either.

Every municipality affected by such a relocation must give its consent to the move and no one body must end up out of pocket as a result of the move. White Rock will certainly have its work cut out if it is to move the line and get everybody on board and meeting with approval. Approval must also be gained from the municipality of Surrey as well.

If we turn the clock back to 1987, a similar bid to relocate a railway line in Regina ended up taking over five years to carry out. The municipality had to get everybody to approve and make sure no entity would be financially punished, so the entire procedure took a lot of hand-wringing and paperwork before it went through in the end. The situation at White Rock is very different to what went ahead in Regina, so the waiting time should be considerably less.

Regina had to negotiate the movement of an entire line and a huge rail yard, as well as the rail lines itself. White Rock has no rail yard, just the line, so the entire process will be a lot easier and quicker to resolve.

Although the nature of this relocation is relatively straightforward, White Rock must now concentrate on the municipality of Surrey to make the next phase go forward smoothly. Today the line at White Rock and Surrey is handling too many carriages. In the nineties there were just one or two freight trains that used it every day. Today, there are at least 20 trains everyday using the line and it is in dire need of relocation.

The main issue of contention is that the line has seen 28 serious injuries and deaths in recent years and every attempt to make things safer just seem to fail. The operator has tried everything from whistles to speed restrictions to no avail, so relocation seems the only way forward now.

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