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White Rock and South Surrey – Are These Districts Paradise on Earth?

White Rock and South Surrey – Are These Districts Paradise on Earth?

The best places to live in BC – according to residents in Greater Vancouver – are the districts of South Surrey and White Rock. South Surrey has homes for sale at under $1 million and this district sits right next to White Rock where there is plenty of nightlife and a more vibrant community to be found.

There have been polls asking homeowners in the area which place they would love to live in most of all. White Rock often comes top with South Surrey a close second. White Rock is known as the city on the beach and homes here are more affordable than the properties in South Surrey. It is still possible to find a condo for under $250,000 in White Rock.

White Rock is a destination where you can enjoy fine dining and vast array of excellent shops. The beach at White Rock attracts visitors throughout the summer with family picnics, boating competitions and plenty to do for the children. There is a great deal of vibrant nightlife for the adults too. And a much-loved casino to flutter the night away.

White Rock also offers a moderate climate too. In summer, temperatures will often reach averages of 23c (74F) and drop to a mean 6c (43F) in winter. The prom along the waterfront is a staggering two miles long. Here, parents with baby buggies, disabled, joggers and sightseeing visitors can walk happily along the strip where they can find an array of cafes, a long and old pier, plus its very own train station.

Getting to Vancouver from White Rock is easy. The commute will take about one hour and there are dedicated traffic lanes for buses and high-occupancy vehicles to move along Highway 99 much quicker than you’d expect.

In the centre of White Rock you will see many residential properties situated above shops and retail outlets. The variety of housing in White Rock is amazing. You can find single-family homes on detached plots, apartments, condos and townhouse communities throughout.

South Surrey is like the high-end district of Surrey. It is the perfect place to retire as one in every five are over the age of 60 here. It is simply so serene here, even in winter. The duck pools are majestic in the summer and there are plenty of areas to take a wonderful Sunday afternoon stroll. Moreover, the park at Sunnyside Acres is the largest on the Semiahmoo peninsula.

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