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The Estates at Morgan Heights At South Surrey

The Estates at Morgan Heights At South Surrey

The Estates at Morgan Heights are already busy in the South Surrey district and the excitement levels are beginning to build faster than the luxury homes that are about to take shape here. As you might see from its showroom at South Surrey, there is an exclusive collection of some 38 estate homes on plots of land starting from 4,000 sq. ft.

So where is this all happening exactly? The area is Morgan Heights – pretty much in its centre, some of the homes are 3,500 sq. ft. – and that’s just the home itself and doesn’t include the plot area. These homes will have three and four bedrooms in the upper floor and are exquisitely designed with high quality features throughout.

By high quality we mean warm craftsman architecture, impressive facades all around and beautifully landscaped front and rear gardens. The kitchens are all finished in gourmet-style with maple cabinets, built-in microwaves and cookers plus granite and quartz counter tops.

Then we have the luxury bathrooms which all feature an oversized shower, hand-set ceramic flooring and a luxurious soaking tub in the main bathroom area, which also happens to have a powder room installed.

The community and region around Morgan Heights is full of amenities, stuff to do and top schools. There are four art galleries, several stores providing services considered as life essentials such as cleaners, supermarkets, banks, clinics, surgeries and a small hospital.

The community is pretty much ready to accommodate the population and provide it with arts and leisure facilities like movie theatres (of which there are at least three), dance classes, fitness centres, gyms, a couple of golf courses, an athletic park, a private sports club and a golf and country club.

For those families bringing up children in Morgan heights, you will be pleased to learn there are several academies and schools in the area offering high levels of education. There are learning centres for the younger children, as well as crèches and nurseries. There are elementary schools, secondary schools and a private school and even a school for musicians.

The area is also well covered for food, fine dining and a number of top restaurants serving delicious quality cuisine. There is no shortage of pizzerias, cafes, Italian restaurants, bakeries, steakhouses and sushi bars. The area is also well served by a number of bars, coffee shops and three shopping malls, all of which are within a short drive from the Morgan Heights complex.

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