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Outdoor Living Space on the Rise in Vancouver

Outdoor Living Space on the Rise in Vancouver

The space we utilize for outdoor living is on the rise in the homes of Vancouver. You might want to build an extra bathroom? Forget it, an increase in the size of the balcony is preferred. You could be considering extending your dining room so you could fit an extra-sized table in there? No way. The fire pit and barbecue patio takes precedence.

Even those small balconies connected onto condos are being utilized with pots, plants, outdoor décor and stuff you might find down at your local garden centre. The trend to start living outdoors is on the rise and may have already reached fever pitch.

Residents are flocking to the local hardware store and furnishing shops to buy small tables and chairs that will fit neatly onto the patios of family homes and balconies of condos. There is such a demand for outdoor living that the knock on effect has created a boom in companies providing exterior garden chairs and tables, outdoor rugs, exterior lighting, outdoor fire warmers, barbecue pits and plants in pots.

Even landscape architects are being inundated with work as demand to make outdoor living space workable and liveable increases. There is also a trend for those in the business of artistic design, decking, fancy fencing and masonry to raise their game and get on the gravy train.

Demand for living outdoors is increasing, so even developers building a new complex of condos are looking at providing larger outdoor balconies or terrace areas at the expense of an extra few square feet in that dining room or lounge area.

The trend has even stretched to those in the high-end luxury home market. Interior designers and architects building single family homes in Vancouver are constantly being asked to improvise the outside areas, rather than worry too much about the extra space in the closet or dead space in some living quarters.

Blank Canvas Interiors, an interior design company in Vancouver has been asked to concentrate more and more on contemporary, flat roof constructions allowing for huge rooftop patios. These have become a giant selling factor.

There was a time when clients would spend some 90 per cent of all the revenue set aside for the home on the interior design and fittings, this is now down to just 60 per cent with the rest of the money being spent on exterior design and landscape or outdoor architecture.

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