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Housing Development Approval Costs Vary Wildly Across Vancouver

Housing Development Approval Costs Vary Wildly Across Vancouver

Municipal fees and tariffs charged for townhouse projects can differ wildly depending on which region within Metro Vancouver you happen to be in. Take for example the municipal fees for a unit in White Rock, here one would expect to pay just $8,390 per home as those living in Port Moody have to fork out over four times as much, paying a whopping $33,713 per unit.

These key findings have just been published in a report and there are not only wild differences in the municipal fees and charges, but in the time it takes for approval from the municipal council to rubber stamp plans for townhouses. Residents and townhouse owners in White Rock can expect to have their plans approved within nine months from the first date of application to the project being sealed and stamped. However, Maple Ridge residents looking for municipality officials to approve their plan take on average 18 months, twice the length of time it takes in White Rock!

The report, entitled “Getting to Ground Breaking” looked at new housing projects approved in Metro Vancouver from 2011 to 2013 and some of the report’s authors are questioning why it takes that much more to service a development in one city compared with another.

But other authors do declare that costs will vary wildly because of a number of factors that are taking into consideration, like slope protection, road building projects in the pipeline, infrastructure and school building that may have to take place. Put simply, you could not plan to build a 42-house development and not expect to have no infrastructure around it. A municipal office will have to consider how many homes, roads, schools and supermarkets to bring in and around the complex.

The report took more than a year to compile and listed the top 10 Metro Vancouver communities for townhouse developments, and it may come as no surprise that Langley Township was top of the list. Richmond, Vancouver and Port Moody were not too far behind though.

But Langley Township did not just top the list because of low fees and shorter processing times, it happened to have a great deal of undeveloped green space land the process of approving development plans had been streamlined because there were just so many applications. The planning department would have had extra resources and staff available to take care of the burgeoning in-tray at its offices.

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